Hi and welcome to my site.

I am Vertie, 28 years old. I the editor and owner of this website. Together with the writers that have passion in blogging and sharing ideas, we we made it possible to launch this site.

The group I am working with are professionals in the field of writing, Information Technology, and graphic designers. All the things we have to share here are created by us.

So, what this site is all about?

First and foremost, Windroplr is a tech site. We produce blog posts about technology including guides, tips and tricks, and news and updates. We want to make things easier for all especially the non-techie ones. We also made it sure that our site is user-friendly so that oldies can navigate it easily.

We dedicate our hard-work and success to our family and to our readers and viewers. Hope you will find useful information here.

Enjoy and have a nice day.